A Writing Prompt

This week I have a writing prompt for you. It’s nothing too outlandish and should, hopefully, be a fun challenge.

Write a short story—or flash fiction piece—that has seamlessly integrated the first ten titles of your current song playlist or watch list.

Remember that you shouldn’t be afraid of wherever your writing takes you!

I hope you all have a good week, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some results of this prompt in our spring journal submissions!

4 thoughts on “A Writing Prompt”

  1. Hello, is this prompt related to the Corruption theme, or are you accepting unthemed for Spring 2020? Thanks!

  2. Just for fun – I wrote a “flash poem” using your suggestion of song titles on my playlist.
    Here’s what came forth (the song titles follow the poem) – more of a song than a poem, I’ll admit!


    Nervous guitars pound out the path
    to hell and back
    Shiny angels rise from beyond
    the grave
    and tell me what I already know
    I guess I just feel like
    flying through the galaxy
    I want more of you more more

    Maybe it’s time to fall like the stars
    into your love-torn arms
    And be burned by the love
    that drops from the light
    of Jupiter
    Say something do something
    Maybe it’s time
    I want more of you more more

    Song titles:

    Falling like the Stars
    I Guess I Just Feel Like
    To Hell and Back
    Shiny Angels
    From the Grave
    More of You
    Burned by the Love
    Maybe it’s Time
    Drops of Jupiter
    Say Something

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