An Update on Home: Poetry

Home is shaping up to be one heck of a journal!  Although there was certainly a flood of poems submitted that were a bit predictable in their interpretation of home, we also received some exquisitely crafted poetry that explored what home is not, what home is, and everything that is ambiguous and thought provoking in between.  I am so excited for you to read the poems that will grace the pages of borrowed solace issue 1.3: home.  It’s truly going to be our best edition yet!

-Addey Vaters

poetry editor

An Update on Home: Fiction

This subject turned out to be far more broad than I originally believed it would be. The submissions I received varied a great deal and, admittedly, some did not match the theme at all. Amidst the sea of stories, I found myself drawn to those whose concept of “home” differed from the norm. They weren’t tales of happy families in pretty homes. They were stories of dysfunctional people sharing a space. Of futures where money means nothing or minds and phones are linked. Of dragons and monsters.

And abstract concept of “home”, that is what readers can expect in the Fiction section of borrowed solace’s third issue.

-Amber Porter

art editor


An Update on Home: Art

The last two journals we only received enough art to make title and cover pages, but this time we received enough submissions to make an art section!

Art can be subjective, so expression through art can be different for every person. The art in this journal represents that idea. What a person sees at home, their actual home, a piece they have in their home, or something valued to them can all be art. We received art that makes someone feel at home;  art that is something personal to represent their family, friends, or nature surrounding them; and even art reflecting lines and colors that can represent the diversity within a home.

…And I get to share that with all of you in a few months – how everyone can see home so differently through art!


-Nicole McConnell

art editor

An Update on Home: Nonfiction

When this time rolls around, I am always amazed by all the diverse and lovely submissions we receive.
This submission period is no exception. After reading such imaginative and engaging pieces, my
excitement for the upcoming issue begins to bubble forth; I simply cannot wait to share my selection for
the nonfiction section!

As you may already know, the theme for the upcoming journal is “home.” When we conceived this
theme, we thought of the traditional ideas associated with it: a house, family, friends, and comfort to
name a few. However, many of the nonfiction pieces submitted blew my preconceived ideas of home
out of the water. Home is so many different things to so many different people, so much more than just
a house or a family—it is a living breathing and completely personal experience.

I hope that my selection of pieces challenges our readers’ ideas of home as much as they challenged
mine. Thank you to all the authors who submitted and allowed me to read their fantastic pieces!


-Nicole Taylor

nonfiction editor

We are Closed for Submissions… on to the Next Step!

Now that we are closed for submissions, we can take a few moments to reflect on this round.  We received a record number of submissions, more than we received for issue 1.1 and 1.2 combined!  This has meant our editors have had to work particularly hard, but it also means that their work has been particularly rewarding!

Fiction received a whopping 86 submissions.  Not every submission fit the theme or was what we were looking for, but we have read (and continue to read) through every single one.  We are so pleased that so many fantastic writers chose to submit to us!

Nonfiction received 54 submissions!  This category left us flabbergasted, as we have struggled to receive enough submissions for nonfiction the past two issues and received almost 4 times as many this round as in previous rounds.  We are so excited with the quality of submissions, too.

And finally, poetry.  We’ve never had a hard time receiving submissions for this category, especially considering that each author can submit up to four poems. This round we had 114 poets submit their work, which is even more than we have had before – more than 255 poems!  Each round it’s wonderful to see familiar names and lots of new ones, too.

We can’t forget art, either.  We’ve received enough art and photography submissions to have an art section for issue 1.3!  While not every one of the 20+ submissions we’ve received will get in, we will have a robust art section and a beautiful front cover from the submissions pool.  We are very excited for this new addition to borrowed solace!

Hopefully this peaks your interest and gives you a small sneak peek of what we have been up to as we have started putting together issue 1.3, Home.  We still have a long way to go, and lots of submissions still to read (so if you submitted, take heart, there’s still a chance you could be moved to the next round!), but the journal is really starting to come to life.  We can’t wait for you to read it!



Submissions Close this Week

And just like that, it’s the final week that we are open for submissions!  This round we have received a record number of submissions that we are so excited about.  If you submitted – thank you!  Regardless of whether or not you got in, we so appreciate your thinking of us and hope that you will resubmit for future editions.  Our themed issues are tricky because in addition to the regular criteria we are looking for in submissions (see our Submissions Guidelines page for more on that), we are also reading with the theme in mind.  It can be a tough cookie to crumble (is that even a thing?) but we’ve received many fabulous submissions that fit the bill thus far.

If you bookmarked us for a later submission be warned – the 30th is the final day to submit!  So grab a computer, your best work that deals with the theme of home, a friend (submitting is hard and we all need a little moral support sometimes), and log into the Submissions Manager, stat!

We are so excited at how issue 1.3 is shaping up and can’t wait for you all to see it in just a few short months!  Thank you, as always, for all of your support.  We wouldn’t be here without you!


Don’t Forget!

We’re currently open for submissions for issue 1.3, Home.  This is our fall, themed issue and submissions are open until June 30th.  Spread the word!  Don’t forget to read our submissions guidelines to see what we’re looking for and take a look at our most recent blog post to see what each editor is looking for!

We can’t wait to see what you submit and have been receiving more submissions than ever.  We so appreciate every single submission.  It takes a lot of courage to submit your work for total strangers to review.  Remember to keep in mind the fact that not every submission will be a good fit for our journal.  There are so many different things that go into our editor’s decisions on what to accept and what to pass on.  Don’t be discouraged if you get a no from us!  For many writers in our past two issues we may have been the final “yes” after a slew of “no’s,” and for some we were a lucky first “yes!”  Every writer’s journey is different and every piece’s journey is unique, and we are honored to be a part of that journey – whether for the good or the bad!

Best of luck as you submit – we can’t wait to see your interpretation of Home!

Submissions are Open for Issue 1.3, Home!

It is time to submit once again! For our upcoming fall journal—the theme is “home.” Our submissions open April 2nd, 2018 and will close June 30th, 2018.

Please read below to see what each editor is looking for in this upcoming journal:


poetry || Addey Vaters

Home is the place where you belong. And it’s the journey to get there. Home can change, or it can stay the same, but wherever home is, it’s important. I think that’s why we wanted to devote a whole edition of the journal to home. Because home, the people that make it up, the literal place where it’s located, or the memories that built it are great places to start writing from.  For our home issue, I’m looking for writing that deals with theme of home, evokes the feeling or home, or grapples with the different, and sometimes difficult, concepts that home can bring up. Surprise me, make me long for home, or give me a new way of looking at home. Home is what you make it, so let’s make this journal reflect that!


fiction || Amber Porter

For fiction I want to see the essence of “home,” or what you envision when you think of the word “home.” Be it flash, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, literary—whatever you choose to write—I want to see traces of “home” weaved throughout your piece. I want to see how you’ll play with this theme. How you’ll work it into a standalone short story. So entice me, bring me into your worlds and show me what “home” means to you.


nonfiction || Nicole Taylor

Many people use the phrase, “home is where the heart is,” but home is so much more than that. It can be a safe, comfortable, endearing space. Whether you were born there, or it was a place you grew up, it can be a foundation upon which you built yourself from. It can take shape in a location, or it can manifest in a person. As a multifaceted experience, each person forms it differently. A transcending idea that morphs in-tune to growth. A hushed whisper or the rustling of a blanket. Please share with us your true tales of home.


art || Nicole McConnell

The art of “home” is what home looks like to you. It could be a restaurant where you work and your co-workers are your second family. Or a place that feels comfortable like a home, or an object, or a person, or a thing that makes you at home. For me, it is my dog. For my mother, it is her kids. For my dad, it is his garage and workshop. For my brother, it is his Mini Cooper. I want to see a picture of something you love and hold dear, or somewhere that is your haven. A place to let loose and be whoever you truly are with no judgement. I look forward your place, person, object, or thing that means home to you.

For further guidelines, please check out submission guidelines under the “submit” tab above. Please create a Green Submissions account if you haven’t already and submit—we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

Good luck and happy submitting!