Print Edition of Hinterlands Available for Pre-Order

Hello all of our wonderful borrowed solace friends! I have some exciting news–the print edition of borrowed solace 1.1, Hinterlands, is now available for pre-order in the store!

It’s a dream that has been a long time coming–publishing in print–and we are so excited to present you with the print edition of the journal that started it all, our very first publication–Hinterlands!

If you are interested in pre-ordering, please click on the image above to visit the store. As a thank you from us, you’ll also receive a sticker and an exclusive submissions tracker worksheet.

Thanks for all your support–we wouldn’t have reached this milestone without you!

One Week!

*Check the blog for updates and the inside scoop on where we’re at with the upcoming edition of the journal!*

One week! One week! One week!

I think that’s all us editors can think about lately as a week from now, Hinterlands will be coming to a metaphorical newsstand near you.

We so appreciate your support in this monumental endeavor we’ve taken on to create a literary journal for those in need of solace.  And while we are certainly looking ahead to when Hinterlands comes out next week, we are also looking ahead to our next un-themed issue and are looking forward to starting the submission process all over again.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support!  We are so very excited for what’s to come in just one short week!



Where are we?

*Check the blog for updates and the inside scoop on where we’re at with the upcoming edition of the journal!*

The image plastered across all of our social media accounts seems like a good title for this blog post.  “Where are we?”  Well, all of the stories, poems, and essays for our first edition have been edited.  The photography has been chosen, and we are currently in the midst of putting the final touches on the bonus content that will be available to those who decide to purchase a digital version of the journal.

There seems to be several small details that go into the creation of a literary journal that most wouldn’t think of.  The ordering of the stories in each section, for example, or the best way to incorporate our author’s bios.

I’m confident that the final product that comes out in September will be magnificent, but it’s certainly been (and will continue to be) a journey to get there!

We’re so excited to get to share all of works that are going to be in issue 1.1, but not only that – we will also be sharing some of our own personal thoughts on writing, and introducing you to the contributors as people and writers, not just as a name on the page!  Stay tuned for more as we count down the days to the release of borrowed solace issue 1.1 Hinterlands!


Issue 1.1 is Taking Shape

*Check the blog for updates and the inside scoop on where we’re at with the upcoming edition of the journal!*

We at borrowed solace have been working hard (or hardly working) at getting our first issue out.  There have been so many wonderful submissions and simply not enough room in our first edition to include every piece that all of us editors have fallen in love with.  Some quick thoughts from the first few months of borrowed solace being in existence and my first little bit as poetry editor:

  1. When a journal posts specific admission guidelines, they are there for a reason!  Some of our guidelines are there because without your including them in your submission, we are hopelessly confused.  Make sure your name is on the document itself, not just in the submission manager!
  2. When an editor says that they hope you submit in the future, they mean it!  I have read several poems that I absolutely loved but that did not fit into this edition for a variety of reasons – length, topic, adherence to the theme, etc.
  3. We really do read each and every submission, and it’s time consuming!  I’ve thought in the past that the submission timelines for many journals were a bit ridiculous.  Now that I am an editor, I realize just how time consuming (in the best way possible, of course) reading through each submission can be.  It’s worth it, but with a busy schedule in my day-to-day life plus editorial responsibilities, reading and scoring each poem we receive is a long process.

We are so excited to put everything together and showcase all of your work!  We are truly thrilled by some of the excellent writing you all have been sending us and hope to be able to give more of your work a home in the future.