S4 Episode 7: Books on Screen

This week in the final episode of 2021 (!) Addey is joined by fiction editor Amber to discuss all things books and movies (and television.) We all know and love different books and their screen adaptations (or, in some cases, love to hate them.) Listen in to see if your favorite is mentioned!

S4 Episode 6: Writing Online

This week, Addey and executive editor Nicole discuss all things writing online! Both Addey and Nicole have written for a few online blogging websites, and share their experiences writing, earning money, and sharing their thoughts on the world wide web.

S4 Episode 5: Building an Author Brand with Barrett Laurie

This week, Addey is joined by Barrett Laurie, a YouTuber and young adult & middle-grade author pursuing traditional publishing. Barrett has created an amazing online community with his authortube channel and chats about that process as well as his current writing project in this episode.

S4 Episode 4: Writing & Publishing Poetry with Emily Paige Wilson

This week we are so excited to have poet and AuthorTuber Emily Paige Wilson on the podcast! Emily is a poet who has published two chapbooks, has a forthcoming full-length poetry collection, and is on submission with her first YA novel-in-verse. She joined Addey to talk about all things writing poetry in this episode.

S4 Episode 3: Figuring Out Freelancing

This week on the podcast, Addey is diving into the topic of freelancing. She’ll cover some of the basics of how she started freelancing earlier this year and some tips and tricks she’s learned along the way.

S4 Episode 2: Lady Grief

On this episode of the podcast, we have a reading of the short work “Lady Grief” read by the author, Melanie Chartoff. “Lady Grief” was published in the fall 2021 issue of borrowed solace, Tamed, and we are so pleased to present this amazing piece of writing to you in audio form on the podcast.

S4 Episode 1: Behind the Literary Journal Curtain

Welcome to season four! We’re so excited to kick off this new season of the podcast. To start everything off, Addey is joined by the other borrowed solace editors, Nicole McConnell and Amber Porter, to take a deep dive into what it’s like behind the scenes of a literary journal.

Season Four

We are going to be going live with season four of borrowed solace: the podcast next week, and we can’t wait! Get ready for a lot more of all the things you love about the podcast in season four, coming your way soon.

Season 3 Update

Season three of borrowed solace: the podcast has officially come to a close! Thanks for sticking with us through three whole seasons of the podcast–we’ve loved building the borrowed solace community through audio. We are going to come back with season four of the podcast in the fall, and it’s going to be better than ever, so stay tuned!

S3 Episode 10: Different Ways to Write a Book

In the final episode of season three, Addey is joined by Executive Editor Nicole McConnell to talk about the different ways they both wrote a book.