Editorial Staff:

Executive and Art Editor

Nicole McConnell already has two college degrees, and she still isn’t stopping. She grew up in Iowa and loves her Midwestern roots and her roly poly pug. She is a blogger for Hubpages and a Freelance editor and writer on the Kenna Jackson’s Writing Tips. She has also served on the committee for her college Literary Journal. Her dreams are to become a more published author, to share her worlds with others, hopefully to inspire them to write, find creative ways into writing, and build empires and kingdoms by slaying with words.

Poetry Editor

Addey Vaters loves anything and everything related to cats and/or folk music, and is a proponent of the Oxford Comma.  She resides in sunny, sometimes snowy, Colorado and her work has been published in riverrun, Sleet Magazine, Black Dog Review, and Vita Brevis, among others.  She loves jovial work that plays with language, even when the subject may be more somber.

Fiction Editor

Amber Porter is working on her Psychology degree from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Secretly, though, she wishes she would have stayed with languages, as she regrets obtaining knowledge in figuring out people. She loves writing, and has taken every creative class she can take. She loves playing RPG/Adventure games, and loves to get lots of sleep.

Creative Nonfiction Editor

Nicole Taylor is a writer from Colorado who enjoys all three creative genres: fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. She has dabbled in all three in regards to both editing and crafting, but prefers prose oriented genres. She is the proud owner of two cats and two rabbits.  Aside from writing and spending time with her pets, she dabbles in various needle crafting hobbies such as: crochet, cross stitch, and needle felting. She also has a passion for table top role playing games, video games, and taking nature/scenic photographs.

Guest Art Editor

Karen McConnell is Iowa born and raised and has a keen eye for art. The type of art that comes from nature and just takes your breath away. The type of art that makes your soul stop for a moment. She dabbles in these types of art through painting, ceramic works, beading, and photography, which she has done since she was a child. She has had several ceramic pieces and paintings sold at local festivals and fairs. She doesn’t need anything fancy in life but her family and creating new things on magical whims.