borrowed solace: Hinterlands



borrowed solace issue 1.1, Hinterlands, is the inaugural issue of the journal published in the fall of 2017.  It features fiction from David Novak, Ann Howells, Mike Lee, Dan Romo, and Adam Fout; nonfiction from, JC Reilly, Maril Crabtree, Jason Makansi, Elle Mott, Adam Morgan,  and Kelly A. Dorgan; poetry from Stephen Scott Whitaker, William Doreski, Seth Jani, Richard King Perkins II, Robert Beveridge, Kenneth Pobo, Melissa Patterson, Thai-Lynne Lavallee-McLean, R.W. Jagodnik, Timothy B. Dodd, RC deWinter, and Jennifer Palmer; and photography from Caleb Vaters and Tianne Pitz .


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