borrowed solace: Home



borrowed solace issue 1.3, Home, is the third issue of the journal and features poetry from Jane Blanchard, Jean Varda, Emily James, Adrian Cook, Ann Howells, Gabriela Elkins, Erric Emerson, Elizabeth Spencer Spragins, Jolene Nolte, Caroline Stevens, Linda M. Fischer, Kelsi Folsom, Carl Boon, Megan Wildhood, Linda Duede Starbuck, Coco Lucero, Emily James, Carol Sheppard, Magdalene Kennedy, and Kristin Leonard; fiction from Judy Gitterman, Kate Ladew, Lisa Lo Paro, Jay Zahn, Ian Sims, Barbara McLaughlin, Chella Courington, Ken Werthington, and David H. Weinberger; nonfiction from Celeste McNeil, Sara Ohlin, Jesse Sensibar, Dane Fogdall, Miranda Martinez, Adam Bjelland, Erica M. Dolson, Courtney Wilbur, Mary Ellen Gambutti, and Marisa Mangani; and art/photography by Anne Winchester, Christopher Woods, Gaby Bedetti, Morgan Stephenson, Brian Michael Barbeito, Chello Sherman, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Kate Ladew, Christopher Woods, Bill Wolak, Lynne Fix, Kaila Kinkhammer, Mark Yale Harris, Alex Duensing, Bette Ridgeway, and Karen McConnell.


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