borrowed solace: issue 1.2



borrowed solace issue 1.2 is the second issue of the journal published in spring 2018.  This edition features nonfiction from Sarah Eshleman and Cynthia Scott Wandler; poetry from James Piatt, Samantha Clarke, Erin Brady, Jennifer Mazur, Richard King Perkins II, Emily Strauss, Donna Fitzgerald, Jessica Mehta, Lori Levy, Mickey J. Corrigan, Richard Atwood, Charlie Brice, Michael Brosnan, Kyle Heger, Keith Moul, Jonathan Jones, and Neall Calvert; fiction from Eowyn Randall, Emily Walling, Brian Sweeney, Jesse Bradley, Samantha Knight, L.L. Madrid, Michael Triozzi, C.R. Beaumont, and Annie Blake; and photography from Taylor Burnfield, Martha Clarkson, and Heather Lewis.


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