S2 Episode 1: In the Beginning…

It’s the beginning of a new year and the beginning of season two, so we thought it would be fitting to discuss how to begin a story. Join Addey, Amber, and Nicole as they discuss beginnings. There may not be a fool-proof way to begin a story, but we’ll try to figure out what comes close!

1 thought on “S2 Episode 1: In the Beginning…”

  1. ‘Ello there, a good podcast. Do you think you could do paragraph design in the next one? It sounds like a really niche concept, but I know personally I really enjoy intricately crafting paragraphs or a group of paragraphs with a certain style for the imagery used. This could also tie in with how to link paragraphs together, which is something I feel is important enough for authors to know it’s extremely imperative, yet it’s innate enough where there isn’t anyone really questioning how to do it often. It’d be nice to hear some thoughts on it.

    P.S. Please, if you aren’t using them already, grab a pop filter. I can hear your audio peaking over in Peking.

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