S2 Episode 3: Three to Five Sentences

This week on the podcast we take a listener request and talk about paragraphs. What makes a good paragraph? Why don’t we utilize paragraph structure more intentionally as creative writers? Tune in to hear Addey, Amber, and Nicole’s thoughts!

1 thought on “S2 Episode 3: Three to Five Sentences”

  1. Well, now you know why I suggested it. I can think of a few reasons why no one talks about it.

    1.) It’s pretty bad for SEO when you think about it. 2.) For native speakers, it’s really easy to brush it off as something we do unconsciously. It’d be different for bilingual speakers or even poets that reform sentences all the time, but for the average writer, especially if the writer is used to generic works that avoid in-character thinking such as formal writing or academic writing, it’s something that could be easily missed. 3.) Most people like to pin this on the editors. 4.) It’s simply not seen as important in the academic field. Perhaps it will change one day, but I wouldn’t believe that could happen until we put creative writing above formal writing as a concept.

    However, it’s fantastic and wonderful when someone builds a literary classic on how the paragraphs are structured. If book reviews are any example, especially in fields where you wouldn’t expect it, prose and open legibility is praised to a very large extent.

    Thanks for making this. It’s a little strange to be presumably the first one to mention a topic and a niche one at that, but everything starts somewhere.

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