S5 Episode 6: Resources

In season five, episode 6 of the podcast, Addey was joined by Kelsey and Madison–the hosts of the podcast Novel Nashville.

In their own words, Novel Nashville is “two Nashvillites hosting a book club. Nerd out with us as we talk books, authors, and our undying devotion to all things paper and print. Read along and join in for a weekly podcast as we discuss our book of the month: what we loved, what we loathed, and all of the little moments that made us do that weird squeal-to-yourself-shimmy thing when the couple we are shipping finally gets together. We aren’t just a podcast; we are a community, and we don’t just want to talk; we want to listen. Follow us or sign up for our newsletter to get your reading list and join the conversation. Welcome to the club, y’all!”

To find out more about Novel Nashville, check them out on their website, on Instagram, and on Facebook. And, of course, you can find the podcast wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Now, let’s pretend we are discussing this week’s episode while reveling in the first day of summer. What do you think about an online book club? What book would you want to read if you were to join an online book club? Let us know in the comments below!