Submissions are Open for Issue 1.3, Home!

It is time to submit once again! For our upcoming fall journal—the theme is “home.” Our submissions open April 2nd, 2018 and will close June 30th, 2018.

Please read below to see what each editor is looking for in this upcoming journal:


poetry || Addey Vaters

Home is the place where you belong. And it’s the journey to get there. Home can change, or it can stay the same, but wherever home is, it’s important. I think that’s why we wanted to devote a whole edition of the journal to home. Because home, the people that make it up, the literal place where it’s located, or the memories that built it are great places to start writing from.  For our home issue, I’m looking for writing that deals with theme of home, evokes the feeling or home, or grapples with the different, and sometimes difficult, concepts that home can bring up. Surprise me, make me long for home, or give me a new way of looking at home. Home is what you make it, so let’s make this journal reflect that!


fiction || Amber Porter

For fiction I want to see the essence of “home,” or what you envision when you think of the word “home.” Be it flash, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, literary—whatever you choose to write—I want to see traces of “home” weaved throughout your piece. I want to see how you’ll play with this theme. How you’ll work it into a standalone short story. So entice me, bring me into your worlds and show me what “home” means to you.


nonfiction || Nicole Taylor

Many people use the phrase, “home is where the heart is,” but home is so much more than that. It can be a safe, comfortable, endearing space. Whether you were born there, or it was a place you grew up, it can be a foundation upon which you built yourself from. It can take shape in a location, or it can manifest in a person. As a multifaceted experience, each person forms it differently. A transcending idea that morphs in-tune to growth. A hushed whisper or the rustling of a blanket. Please share with us your true tales of home.


art || Nicole McConnell

The art of “home” is what home looks like to you. It could be a restaurant where you work and your co-workers are your second family. Or a place that feels comfortable like a home, or an object, or a person, or a thing that makes you at home. For me, it is my dog. For my mother, it is her kids. For my dad, it is his garage and workshop. For my brother, it is his Mini Cooper. I want to see a picture of something you love and hold dear, or somewhere that is your haven. A place to let loose and be whoever you truly are with no judgement. I look forward your place, person, object, or thing that means home to you.

For further guidelines, please check out submission guidelines under the “submit” tab above. Please create a Green Submissions account if you haven’t already and submit—we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

Good luck and happy submitting!

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