submissions manager

To submit to borrowed solace, visit our submissions manager.  Here you can create an account with Green Submissions or log in if you have already created an account.  After logging in, click “Make a New Submission.” Once you have started a new submission, please follow the instructions below.  If these instructions are not followed, it makes our job much more difficult and distracts us from giving our full attention to your work, so please follow these instructions:

1. Select your submission type.

2. Enter the name of your submission.

3. In the text box titled “Enter your plain-text submission here,” please enter a brief cover letter.

4. Attach your story as a Word or PDF document.

5.  Submit a brief (no more than 5 sentences, please) third person biography that we can include in borrowed solace should you be published.

6. Once you have completed all fields as described above, click submit!

Please Note: You will not receive an email notification after submitting.  If the submissions manager says you have successfully submitted, though, then you are good to go!  To check if your piece has been successfully submitted, you can click on “Check Your Submission Status” after logging into Green Submissions. If your piece has been submitted, it will be listed there.

Please click the Green Submissions icon below to get started.  Thanks, and we look forward to reading your work!

Green Submissions