the podcast

If you are familiar with borrowed solace, you know that we founded this journal with the intent of giving our name to each and every one of our readers. We hope that the journal gives readers a moment of borrowed solace in the midst of the humdrum of daily life.

Since starting the journal, we have always had grand aspirations, including expanding into all sorts of realms aside from just the world of digital publishing.

Well, the time has come for at least part of that dream to come to fruition – borrowed solace has expanded to also become a podcast!

We want to take this community that we’ve created with borrowed solace to your morning commute, your workout, and your living room. We hope to be the writing community you’ve always wanted but never found, that moment in the middle of a crazy week where you can take some time to dwell on creating and the ways that we all, as creatives, relate to one another.

One of things that has been most inspiring about the journal so far is to hear about so many wonderful writers and how they are also not writers. Sure, we’re all writers at heart, but we are also artists, musicians, security guards, librarians, professors, students, and so, so much more.

borrowed solace: the podcast, features stories, poems, and interviews that focus on intersections of creativity.  It’s a space to talk about all things writerly and hear fresh takes on traditional writing advice. Here, we ramble on about how we can draw inspiration from so much more than just writing in our lives, and we take you along with us to talk to all sorts of creatives to get the scoop on how we are all connected.

Podcast Submissions

We are always looking for submissions of both literary work to be read on the podcast in a story-time format and submissions of what you would like to hear on the podcast or can contribute to the podcast.

If you are interested in having your work read on the podcast, please email your submission to Please be sure to include the following in your subject line: NAME_PODCAST_GENRE (i.e., poetry, fiction, nonfiction).

Please do not submit work to both the regular e-journal and the podcast, and wait to hear back from one before submitting to the other.

*Please also note if you would like to read your piece yourself or have it read by one of our editors!*

If you have a suggestion of a topic to cover, someone to interview, or resources to reference, please email Please be sure to include the following in your subject line: NAME_PODCAST_IDEA

To listen to the podcast, click on one of the icons below or search for “borrowed solace” on your favorite podcast platform!