Theme for Fall 2022 Journal: Twilight Zone 

Howdy all! I hope your summer of 2022 is going great. The theme for the fall 2022 journal is the Twilight Zone. Submissions open Aug. 1, 2022. We accept fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. Remember no short story should be longer than 20 pages, and we don’t accept prose poetry. 

For this theme, we want to see surrealism. Things that shouldn’t make sense, but do. An area of gray, where two different ways of life or states of existence meet, like what is between life and death, does limbo exist? Maybe it is the mental, emotional or physical state between reality and fantasy. We want to blur the lines of what people think is reality. What art do you see around you that is fantasy, unreal, but it exists and was made?

As always, if you have more questions about the theme, don’t forget you can always email the fantastic editors at

The editors can’t wait to dive into the twilight zone!