Valentine Poems

Today, since it is Valentine’s Day, I wrote some poems about my dogs with, of course, some photos. The first poem is for my puggle Ellie Mae. The second poem is about my little man, and German Shepherd, Thunder Storm. Hope you enjoy! 

Ellie (left) and Thunder (right)

Car Ride

On day of reprieve
the river calls our names
the car begs for her ears
to fly as she smells the
wind out the window
her curly tail wound tight
as we ride as one
adventure onto the seas
free as the willow trees
her whines
curly tail
the summer heat
trudging tug boats
flying fish flies
the river freedom
from our home,
cares, woes,
the things that
colden our bones
and when the sun
threatens to set
we beg the day to stay

In the Daylight

this beautiful nightmare
came covered in black,
tawny colored eyes with
a storm of understanding
in world i didn’t understand yet
but he is more patient than i
to teach my nerves
tightly wound in my body
to stay steady in front of the herd
to overcome the obstacle
to protect oneself in life
not too fast
not too slow
be formidable while awake
the shadow of an avalanche
facing a daunting challenge
set by his steady gaze
his steady heart
his never-ending loyalty to waiver
telling me when i sleep
don’t be discouraged by my
lack of focus
one day soon
one step near
one breath closer
i will become the best friend
you need me to be.


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