Writing About Love

Do you write about love? With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, love is on a lot of people’s minds. Love also shows up in much of what we writers tend to write about! Of course, that’s more obvious if you write romance, or if you write about a romantic relationship at some point in your writing, but even if you don’t write with romance in mind, most stories feature love in some way. Whether it’s brotherly love, unrequited love, friendship love, lost love, or twisted love, love tends to come through in our writing.

With this in mind, and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, take some inspiration from this post to write about love. Take inspiration from the imagery of a beautiful rose contrasted by a wilting rose to write about love. Or take inspiration from your life to write about love. Take a topic about love that’s been blasted from the headlines and turn it on its head.

Oh–and Happy Valentine’s Day!